Are you new to E-commerce?

Deciding to go digital with your business idea is a big move. First of all, you will want to do everything by yourself hence you will probably want to set up your shop on a platform you can easily use. More so, you might not be ready to throw in money because you will want a working proof before you can invest. Those are some of the things that influence online investors’ decision when it comes to selecting an e-commerce platform. Other reasons why Shopify is the right option for you include;

  • Access to other useful tools

Running an online business requires that you have everything covered from online marketing to your POS. on top of this, you have customers coming in and out of your site hence you need to make sure that everything is working at all times. With Shopify, you will be able to access many applications that can help you manage your online business. With everything you need all available in one place including SEO tools, Shopify gives your new online store a better chance of being successful.

  • No extra costs

The moment you finish signing up for a Shopify account, the next thing to do is getting things in place for you to get things rolling. Note that you might opt to start with the free trial option then decide to subscribe later. When you do accept, you should know that your subscription fee is the only cost that you will incur. There is nothing like a commission from each sale or commission on purchases up to a certain amount.

  • Designed for the future of your business

Shopify is known to be the best for small and medium-sized enterprises. What people don’t know is that you can also run a large enterprise with Shopify as long as you have installed the right applications. Generally, you can grow your small enterprise into a large one without having to migrate from Shopify to another platform. You should also know that your online business will expand its market with time and Shopify is providing you with everything you need now and then.


Statistics have it that new online investors have found Shopify the most favorable e-commerce platform for their businesses. Built to favor someone with no advanced knowledge and skills in e-commerce, Shopify can be used by anybody who knows how to read and understand. If opening an online shop is your intention then Shopify is the right direction.

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